"The young Romanian Andrea Chira receives the legacy of the greatest Simion Stanciu, the first soloist who played this instrument to perform and record virtuoso repertoire of Vivaldi, Marcello, Mozart mostly with ``I Solisti Veneti`` under the baton of Claudio Scimone."

Andreea Chira is a young and talented panflutist from Bucharest. Born into a family of musicians, her interest for music was given to her as a gift in her cradle. Even as a child she revealed her love for music and the wish to undeck all the secrets of this musical instrument. Her talents was got discovered at the age of 11 from Prof. Stelian Coman from the Palatul National al Copiilor Institute. Encouraged by her parents to advance into her musical carrier, she started taking lessons at the Dinu Lipatti Music School in Bucharest – specialization panpipe from Prof. Cornel Pana. Andreea was fascinated by the Panpipe from the first moment. Three years later she won the National Olympic Competition in Romania. This was followed by participations in National Olympic Competitions, music festivals as well as national and international contests. In spite of her early age she was worked with Orchestras like Doina Dunarii, Doina Bucuresti and Romanasul and had performances in Korea, Portugal, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Italy, Turkey and Austria.

In 2007, when Andreea was 16 years old her talent got discovered from the famous jazz-singer Aura Urziceanu. She organized the Cultural Foundation Aura Urziceanu and also the concert Proud to be romanian who has put herself into task to improve young artists.

In 2008 Andreea was invited along with 10 other young talents to hold a concert at the Romanian Public Television (TVR).Two years later, in 2010, Andreea Chira is the first artist who had the courage to participate with the panpipe in the Eurovision Young Musicians Contest. Prof. Cornel Pana about the musician: “…Andreea has shown herself from the very beginning really receptive and she accumulate a large amount of information during her training; that brings her to the level of professionalism today…”

In 2011 she graduated from the Dinu Lipatti music school in Bucharest with highest distinctions and followed her dream to discover with the panpipe Europe. Her journey took her to Austria, where she started studying Musicology on the University of Vienna. During her presence in Vienna her talent got recognized by the austrian music industry. Starts the cooperation with the ArtCor -Agency followed by some concerts in Luxembourg, Romania and Austria (2012).

Since 2012 Andreea Chira plays regulary for the international organization Live Music Now which was founded in 1977 by Lord Yehudi Menuhin to offer young talented musicians to play in front of the audience and to enable them to develop their capabilities and to provide music on its highest level to those who were limited in their abilities to listen live music. Also the Austrian composer Roland Baumgartner was fascinated by these young girls’ talent and he started making the panpipe a part of his musical productions. Andreea had performances with some great musicians of the austrian cultural scene in the musical-productions Hundertwasser and Sisi-Die Seele einer Kaiserin as well as concert-tours with Pygmalion Theater in Vienna, with the State Theatre, Bamberg, Freistadt (G) and Schweinfurt (April 2013).

In summer 2013-2014 Andreea recorded her first CD with special songs composed for the panpipe from Roland Baumgartner. Roland Baumgartner and the music label MCP decided to support and promote Andreea in the next years.

The 2015 Andreea Chira has the honor to promote Romanian culture and traditions in Vienna. The Association Mihai Eminescu invited the pianist Ruben Doran and Andreea Chira to participate in some Romanian cultural events like: Day of the Romanian Traditional Blouse, Concert in celebration of the Romanian Poet Mihai Eminescu , The book presentation Path of the Kingdom and VIS looks to Eastern Europe and others. Invited by the Romanian Embassy in Vienna, Andreea participated in the Marţisor – Celebration Concert and on the National Day of Romania she had the honor to celebrate her country in the capital of Austria by a panflute concert with the austrian composer Roland Baumgartner (Piano) organized in collaboration with Adrian Hollaender.

In 2016 Andreea Chira started teaching panflute in collaboration with the FIVE PLUS Art Gallery in Vienna and also in the Community College in Baden bei Wien. At the moment she is working with the pianist/composer Adrian Gaspar on a new project called „Classic Meets Jazz Meets Folk“. Together they present the diversity of music and the modern panflute. That allows to play very different stiles of music and they were able to present their work in a number of concerts in 2017 in Italy (Catania, Aci Bonaccorsi, Calascibetta, Rom), Spain (Madrid) and Belgium (Bruxelles) with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum and the Romanian Cultural Institute.

After years on stage Andreea Chira recently started her career with classical repertoire, after collaborating with Maestro Gian Luigi Zampieri as honor guest with Craiova “Oltenia” Philharmonic Orchestra. In February 2018 she was invited to play for the first time in Lomza with the Filharmonia Kameralna im. Witolda Lutosławskiego w Łomży under the baton of Maestro Jan Miłosz Zarzycki. Andreea was the first Pan Flute player – after the legendary Simion Stanciu – to be invited by “I Solisti Veneti” under the baton of Maestro Claudio Scimone, representing a really prestigious and rare opportunity.